Friday, January 21, 2011

Reminder: The Navy Always has a Surprise

It seems like every once in a while, the Navy needs to send you a little smack in the face to say, "Hey- Don't forget that we can control your life."
Case in point- A few days ago, my husband's chief announced that since everyone knows that their ship is in the yards, if another ship needs a few sailors, they will be the first ones to go TAD. She then told them that 'it doesn't matter whether you are single or married, you can still get sent somewhere else." She then followed with a list of sailors in my hubbies command that were going TAD. Luckily, Chris was not on the list. But that doesn't really mean anything, they can call him at anytime.
Later in the day, my hubby was then told that he will probably going to be going to a specialty school to learn how to use a piece of equipment in his division. The school is in Virginia, but they just opened one here in San Diego, so we don't know whats going to happen. It's better than going underway with another ship, but I can't help but get a little upset that I will have to be without my husband for a few weeks.
Chris is a really hard worker..  He tells me he works like he does so that he can spend more time with me.. and so that they see him as hard worker and want to keep him if they are choosing sailors to go TAD. He was even told that he will probably get an early promote, yay!
The past few days have been filled with good news (can't explain- OPSEC!) and some not so great news. So for now, I am going to keep my head up and not think about what 'could be.'

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