Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hello, Duty Day

Today I am experiencing my first duty day. (Yes, I said my.) Chris was working in the gally for something like 143 days, and just got to his division on Monday. That means he also got a duty section.
Don't get jealous that I went a few months without dealing with duty days- Chris was underway for about 3 months of that.
So anyways, today is duty day/night #1, and I'm not too happy about it, especially after watching a few scary movies... I told Chris last night I was going to go buy a night light haha. Isn't it funny that thinking about scary movies makes me more scared than thinking about an actual intruder coming into the house? I think thats because I have my own gun etc.. and Chris and I have talked quite a few times about what to do if I was in danger.
I need to get me one of those!

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