Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 7- Whats in your bag?

I love carrying big bags. Well, medium sized bags.. but since I am 5 ft tall, they tend to look bigger when I carry them. lol.
Going off on a tangent real quick: When Chris first introduced me to all his friends, we met everyone at a hookah bar. The second I walked in, one friend asked me if I was going camping for a few days.. I didn't realize at first that he was making a joke about my purse. Boys.
Ok, I'm back.
So I switch around what bag I carry (doesn't everyone) but I always go back to my coach purse:

Isn't it cute? My sister used to buy designer purses like shoes, and one year she decided to share the love with her baby sister lol.
Anyway, in my purse I usually have my wallet (lime green like the inside of the purse), my white blackberry (I have an obsession with the color white- my past two phones, my laptop, my car, the leather on my purse, an all white purse.. you get the picture), my keys attached to a Navy lanyard (which also has a coach coin purse on it, so I make fun of my hubby when he carries my keys since we only have one car key right now lol), a makeup bag (lip gloss, chapstick, lotion, hand sanitizer, mirror), advil, bodyspray, and a pocket knife.
I think that about fills my purse up!

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